contact tracing

Contact Tracing

One of the single-most important factors in mitigating risk within our new work environments, is the implementation and maintenance of a Contact Tracing Log, simple sample here:

Frequent capture of team member movements, can identify pinch points in the office, where adequate social distancing space is challenging. The area in question can be reviewed and changes made as appropriate with your Covid-19 internal representative.

It is also vital if one of the team members develops Covid-19 symptoms and close contact with other colleagues can be readily traced.

I know it’s more paperwork, but over time will become something we do without even thinking about it, very similar to automatically social distancing in public places and recoiling when we see strangers in pre-Covid television and films up close and personal!

As a foot note, on the 21st May there was a bit of a scene in the Dail where those that had been in the chamber for 2 hours, were instructed not to re-enter! This raised the question and a fair bit of consternation as to whether those in the office environment would also be prevented from spending 2 hours in close proximity. Apparently this will not be the case.

Also, the 2m distancing is something else that Leo Varadkar and team could also be reviewing overtime, in-line with our European counterparts, which could lead to potential gains in the office over time.